> Pharmacist, open letter of the Minister Livia Turco

Minister of Health Livia Turco has posted an open letter to pharmacists, as a result of the protests announced by the associations of category against what is foreseen by the draft law Bersani-ter sule liberalisation, which provides for the possibilityà  to sell in the parapharmacies and supermarkets also the drugs in the range “C”, that is, those not paid for by the national health Service, with the requirement of a prescription. Below is the text of the letter.

“Dear pharmacists, this time I’m not with you. I understand your dissent in the face of the possibility of allowing the sale of prescription drugs outside of the pharmacy but is unacceptable, more than that wrong, the form of protest that you have announced.

To pay to the city the medicine provided by the Nhs for retaliation against an amendment, which was not presented by the Government, and still before the Parliament, has all the characteristics of a mere revolt of the mold corporate, non-shareable so più if coming from the professionals engaged in the protection of the health of citizens.

The convention with the Ssn, you today announced to unilaterally assume nothing, does of your the pharmacies of the real medical devices required to guarantee a public service in the name and on behalf of the Ssn.

The threat to discontinue this service becauseé you are not sharing a hypothesis of the law is still under discussion, I repeat, is unacceptable, and I’m sure not sarà  never understood by the citizens. We have worked together during these months to design the pharmacy of the future, even moreù integrated into the national health system, with più services and più opportunitiesà  assistance to the population.

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If I think of that pharmacy and those pharmacists can’t encounter the tones and reactions irresponsible that you have threatened to take, among other things, precisely in the moment in which we are working to correct that amendment, I for the first, I have always felt deeply wrong.

For these reasons, I invite you to reconsider, as announced yesterday. The withdrawal of threat to suspend the free distribution of medicines to cargo of the Ssn, which if implemented would result in a real lock-out, is for me an indispensable condition for the resumption of dialogue and the confrontation and to continue to operate, in line with the Minister Bersani, for solutions that ensure and enhance the role and prerogatives of the Italian pharmacy, in the context of a system of promotion and protection of health”.

Page published on the 10th November 2007