> The seasonal flu vaccination can save the life

the Word of Giacomo Milillo, national secretary of Fimmg (Federazione italiana medici di medicina generale), in full campaign shot 2007-2008 launches an alert to all the white coats of the family of the peninsula: “Both those called by the local health authority to vaccinate directly at their clients, more fragile, and the other – he explains – must be committed to educate all their clients on the value of vaccination”.

“In some of the Asl in Italy, the vaccination campaign è già  game – remember Milillo – and in other partirà  in the next few days, but no later than the 15 of November”), becauseé the perfect time for the injection against the pain of winter falls “between 15 November and the end of December.”

To this, add the number one of the Fimmg, “choose the day of today (yesterday, ed) to launch an appeal to all 47 thousand doctors of general medicine in italy. Scientific evidence has shown that vaccination of risk groups, in the first place, over 65 and the chronically ill reduces by 50 percent the hospitalizations related to influenza and up to 30 percent of the complications are life-threatening. In the light of these numbers – feel so Milillo – vaccinated it truly becomes a matter of life or death.”

Maximum commitment with respect to influenza vaccination is also confirmed this year by the Fimmg di Milano. “We are aiming to repeat, and hopefully exceed the success of last year – as reported by Marilyn Chemotti, head of the Board of directors Fimmg in the capital of lombardy – In the 2006-2007 season have been actively involved in the vaccination anti-influenza 630 family doctors milanese on a total of 970.

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In particular, about 45 thousand doses of vaccine at our disposal we focused mainly on the coverage of over 75. We have vaccinated 38 thousand to about 150 thousand (25.3%), which were added to the vaccinated Asl”.

Page published on 06 November 2007