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the fact Is that an antibacterial so harmless as to be normally used in beauty creams as a preservative, was released from the registry of drugs as a spermicide, and no one knew the più what to prescribe with the aperture.

After a time, that seems to centuries (some of us, the old users, in the meantime they go into the menopause), emerges, the ability to use this system, contraceptive, very much in use at the time of the book “We and our body”, but it is little known to the younger generations.

The diaphragm is a medical device Class II A, così as the new spermicide that does not contain più nonoxinolo, but lactic acid, and then is not require a medical prescription.

Può be measured by a midwife who knows it, and is totally harmless and safe, certainly not as the pill, but with a good Pearl index (the 2-4 if it is associated to a cream spermicide).

For all the women who can not or do not want to take the pill is an excellent alternative, of course, who asks for the maximum safety, sarà forced to associate coitus interruptus, but these are personal choices.

does Not seem to advertiseà , the firm in question (Milex) has no contact with us. At the moment we do not know if other companies; sell the diaphragms as contraceptives and/or creams, spermicide, but if someone wanted to use this contraceptive method, saprà.

Go to the page that describes the characteristics of the vaginal diaphragm in the trade.

Elisabetta Canitano.

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