> Hiv, 33 million people are living with the virus

this è the scientist, Robert Gallo, co-discoverer of the Hiv virus in 1984, and director of the Institute of virology the human of the Università  Baltimore, on the occasion of world Aids Day on the first of December.

the Day that the scientist, the president of the Foundation for Research & progress onlus, spent in Rome, to introduce the book ‘an Inquiry into a discovery’ of Nikolas Kontaratos. The volume recounts, with a reconstruction of the documentary, the years of the discovery of the Hiv virus. Virus that shocked the world and that does not stop its march.

According to the latest data from Unaids, there are 33 million people living with the virus and 2.1 million deaths every year, 5.700 deaths and 6,800 new infections a day on our planet.

Since 1984, the year of the discovery of Hiv, the deaths of over 25 million, nearly double compared to those dellaprima world war. India and South East asia are the Countries which,in recent years, have registered the largest increase in cases.

In the United States, where the cases are concentrated in the big cities – even if you look at a spread in the rural areas of the other cityà  – the virus is the second cause of death after road accidents among young people between 25 and 44 years old. In sub-saharan Africa, according to Fao, 11.4 million children have lost parents due to Aids.

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Page published on 03 December 2007

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