> The tumor weighs on the family budget

of The 72 per cent of the family members of a tumour patient complaint in fact an economic loss “relevant” due to loss of revenue for the hospital stay. 22 percent even leave the job, while 13 percent is forced to get a leave of absence.

These data, by thrill, that arose from the research carried out by Fondazione Istud and presented Friday morning in Rome. The study, which highlighted how più of a family of three involved in the care of a patient suffering from cancer has had a significant impact on their working lives, has been conducted at the Policlinico Umberto I of Rome.

“However,” explains Franco Mandelli, president ofAssociazione italiana contro le leucemie, to the Adnkronos health – the findings can be considered valid for all the family with a haematological disease severe, without territorial differences”.

this 72 percent is affected by the illness of their dear also on the family budget, 38 percent will suffer losses estimated between 700 and 1,000 euros a month, while a 25 percent complain of losses even higher than € 1,200 per month.

The research involved 48 patients of the department of hematology of the Policlinico Umberto I, 40 caregiver (the person assisting the patient within the family) and 21 health professionals, for a total of 109 interviews.

To counter, the less the impact on the wallet, Inches suggests “più medicine of the territory, limiting the più possible in-patients”.

But also “più services to transport patients that need a day hospital or outpatient care without losing the family work days.

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Perché that which emerges from this study – concludes the president of the Ail – is that who pays the consequences more serious to have a family member who is ill are, as usual, the people who can not count on the large availabilityà for  the economic”

Page published on December 19, 2007