> Christmas is a feast for viruses and bacteria

The christmas holidays, in fact, explain the infectious disease of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (Escmid), are a boon for the transmission of diseases, bacterial and viral.

thanks to the family meetings, with attached hugs and kisses, or travel abroad. Especially in the warm Countries. “About 50 per cent of travellers returning from tropical areas in Europe and North America complain of health problems after the trip and 8 percent of them is forced to see a doctor while you are abroad or return home”, they underline.

Therefore, careful how you conduct yourself in a few weeks’, warn european experts gathered in Rome for a meeting of the european Council of the infectious disease.

The bacteria are everywhere, even in our homes. And, in particular, – says Murat Akova, department of infectious diseases of the Escmid and professor at the Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey – under the bed, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

therefore, there are ‘certain object’. The presence of bacteria has been ascertained on the mobile phones and even on the mouse and on the keyboards of our computers.

Of the many millions of bacteria that surround us – informs – più 1,500 are dangerous to health, as they are able to cause many diseases, including pneumonia and infections of the skin. And microorganisms can get in our homes through even the pets.”

Nothing of the più easy, therefore, that, with the Christmas dinner, it grafts a ‘chain reaction’ of infection. The same goes for the trips of the new year.

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at Numbers, says Robert Read, department of infectious diseases, and autoimmune of the Escmid and lecturer at Sheffield University Medical School in Great Britain “a third of those who travel abroad develop a disease”. The diarrhoea of the traveler’ and infections of the upper airway, the disturbances are more frequent.

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Page published on 05 December 2007