> Defibrillators outside hospitals, the law is approved

This is the comment of Ignazio Marino, the president of the Commission sanità of the palazzo Madama at the end of the session. “Only with a timely intervention it is possible to save lives in the event of cardiac arrest”, he adds.

The Ddl 1517, già approved in the house, contains new rules on the use of defibrillators in the environment outside the hospital, by identifying places, structures and means of transport which should be provided for the availabilityà: from the clinics to the airports, to trains, to prison, to the headquarters of large events, up to schools, pharmacies and many other places.

The adopted text also provides that non-medical personnel to follow training courses in order to proceed with the necessary safety in the use of the defibrillators themselves in case of an emergency.

During the meeting today, reveals Marino in a note, è was also approved an Order of the day in which the Government undertakes, within 6 months from the entry into force of the law, to identify all the places, structures and means of transport in which defibrillators must be present.

“I hope that the Chamber will confirm the content of this law quickly and without changes.

indeed, We have to remember that each year, tens of thousands of people affected by cardiac arrest die – continues Marino – becauseé you cannot intervene in a timely fashion with the electrical defibrillation that, if performed within a few minutes from a heart attack, può save the patient’s life.

This law then – says – contribuirà to ensure greater safety to our citizens that can be relief with the required expertise in case of needà, without the risk of wait for assistance for a period of time that often can; be fatal”.  

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Page published on 16 January 2008