> Medicines, it makes sense to the deadline?

A survey put in relation also with the age-old problem of the packaging of the drugs is not appropriate for the treatment cycle, or, however, più great as would require the rational use of the product, which often fill the medicine cabinet of the Italian families up until the fateful date of expiration. On the expiry dates of medicines, continues the newspaper of Turin, “studies più in-depth they made the military, which manage the storage that may be dumped by the ton, if there are no interventions in the dangerous lands”.

These studies argue for the validityà of the product that canò reach from two up to 10 years after the official deadline. Remains – continues the newspaper – the appearance of the risk. “In the case of an army are their to it to be administered, in the case of a private individual is he who has taken to his personal danger and has the titles to rebuild after being entrusted to the good sense of it.”

On the question is also addressed by the pharmacologist Silvio Garattini, the Mario Negri Institute, Milano, italy, interviewed on the subject, says: “There are deadlines that need to be mentioned, and that in reality they are not così apply.

lì play by the one hand prudence, and on the other a commercial interest”. Perché the companies shorten the deadline?, asks the journalist. “This is not to shorten but to ensure. Their (the companies) – responds Garattini – ensure that within those times, however, indicative perché a month compared to usò that è ” written on the box will changeà nothing, medicine is perfect compared to usò that is written on the leaflet. This does not mean, adds toò the pharmacologist – that later become harmful, or dangerous.”

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On the same line, Garattini è also Luciano Platter, president of Federfarma Piemonte, listened to always from The Press. “With regard to the deadlines, says Platter – makes no sense to give a precise date, beyond which a medicine needs to be thrown away by force.

are We to take the phrase on food: eat ‘preferably’ by”. A precaution that is especially true, says the exponent of Federfarma “medicines based on compounds chemically stable, such as aspirin, for which the deadline looks like più to a maneuver, a trade to a real protection”.

Beside this problem, the daily returns on the long-standing question of the size of the packaging of the drugs, which often resolve into a waste. “A nylon bag on the scale. Weight: three pounds. The total of the individual objects: 52. The total of the prices printed on the packaging: 421 euro. By throwing everything. Content: medicines that are purchased, medicines ‘passed’ by the health service with the ticket. All expired”.

An example that continues the newspaper, “multiplied by just five million families of every social class are, according to estimates of the legal of the consumers, almost three billion euro finished in a year, in special containers, in the bins of the ‘differentiated’, in deep forests and have become waste, without having to go to Naples”. Who is to blame? “Governments, of whatever colour, writes the newspaper in turin – give blame to the doctors who ‘write to all’, to ‘consumers’ (which is all they ask”.

“economic Interests, self-protection, about the consequences, speculations, rejection of alternatives, laziness, medical, miseducation of the user – resumes Garattini – are an extraordinary mix for private expenses (2 euro per piece in a recipe, 1 euro if it is a generic drug, nothing if it is free or with established disease disabling), public (there is a discount, the più high è più top of the cost of pharmacies to public health services), disposal or recovery”.

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Page published on January 14, 2008