> The coffee is again in charge of the diabetes

the new, daunting alarm regarding the drink più beloved by the italians. This time it’s a small study published in ‘Diabetes Care’ and carried out by researchers at Duke University Medical School, Durham (Usa) on 10 patients, who were invited to take on in a span of 72 hours, every other day, some of the pills, which contained the equivalent caffeine to four cups, or placebo.

To keep under control the patients, scientists have inserted in their arm, some chips under the skin can monitor glucose levels in the blood.

From the analysis it is found that caffeine can increase blood sugar, especially after meals: +9 percent after breakfast, +15 percent after lunch and +26 percent after dinner.

it Seems that this substance acts by interfering with the process that ‘moves’ the glucose from the blood to muscles and other cells of the body. Additionally, it may trigger the release of adrenaline, increasing così the amount; of sugar in the blood.

“Now the survey andrà performed on a greater number of diabetics – says James Lane, author of the study – and it should be stressed that in healthy people, the coffee is not have side effects such as this, and even among the diabetic there could be people più or less ‘sensitive’ to the negative effects related to the massive consumption of this beverage”.

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Page published on the 29th January 2008