> Saliva Test for early diagnosis of breast cancer

Through a simple analysis, to be carried out by your family doctor or to the dentist, soon you willà therefore, submitting to the screening of control in ways that are less invasive than methods currently used, such as mammography or blood tests.

On ‘Cancer Investigation’, the researchers texans explain that the onset of breast cancer produces changes in the normal amount; and in the type of proteins present in the saliva. The ‘profile for the protein of the salivary glands of a healthy person is that is altered by the presence of the disease.

by Analyzing saliva samples from 30 volunteers, scientists have identified 49 organic compounds that make the difference between a healthy woman, with a benign cancer, and one with a malignant neoplasia of the breast. Searching for such markers in biological samples of each, you willà therefore, to have a sure diagnosis and early: according to the ‘fathers’ of this new test, it is a method that eviterà false positives and that willà be easily used in medical and dental offices.

In the States has been also patented a diagnostic unit, called ‘Lab-on-a-chip’, which will allowà to make examinations of the saliva during the visits routine, taking a lot of space (the footprint is that of a phone) and without ‘clogging up’ the analysis laboratories.

breast cancer Prevention: how to reduce risk

Page published on January 14, 2008

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