> In Europe, 4 Million deaths from cardiac causes

But this time it is not about feelings, bensì cardiovascular diseases, which represent today the leading cause of death in the Old continent.

to call attention To this real and serious public health problem, the European Heart Network and the member associations in each Country, have decided to publish these numbers disturbing on the eve of the day of the heart par excellence, Valentine’s day. Among the associations of this network, also the Alt (Association for the fight against thrombosis in Italy).

“Diseases such as heart attack or stroke, thrombosis and embolism – reveals the european network – not to kill forò in a homogeneous way: in Bulgaria, the cardiovascular diseases cause 62% of deaths in men and 71% in women, in France 26 per cent of men and 31 percent of women.

There are significant differences even between Northern and Southern Europe: you will die less in the Countries of northern Europe, the south and west, while it continues to die in the Countries of central and eastern Europe. For example, the data – between 1995 and 2005 the rate of mortality,à for myocardial infarction, it is halved (-53%) in men in Ireland, while in Romania it fell by only 18 percent.

The stroke (which are now full-fledged encompassed by the term cardiovascular disease given the close connection between the heart, brain and blood circulation) è become less aggressive for women in Ireland (the rate of mortality,à è decreased by 57 percent), but not in Romania (-29%). In Ukraine even è increased by 13 percent in men and 12% in women”.

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Page published on February 14, 2008