> The resonance helps the prenatal diagnosis

the Word of Lucia Manganaro, a radiologist from the hospital policlinico Umberto I of Rome, on the sidelines of the meeting the multidisciplinary ‘New horizons in the diagnostic pre-and post-christmas’ in the course up to today at the università La Sapienza of Rome. An invitation, that of the expert, addressed to the clinical present in the classroom.

“to Anticipate the diagnosis of pre-natal, he said, is possible through a comparison with all the professionals”. “Magnetic resonance imaging fetal è one step diagnostic important, he continued, the Mellor – perché può to recognise any deformities in the fetus”. Prior to the 18th week forò you do not perform magnetic resonance, “but for us, – admitted the radiologist – even anticipate of a week, the examination can; be useful.”

To shorten the radiologists hope for a collaboration and always più close cooperation with other specialists, such as gynecologists. “We need a clinical correlation più strong between diagnosis, pre-and post-christmas,” concluded the expert. And Alfredo Siani, president-elect of the Società italiana of medical radiology (Sirm), it echoes.

“The interdisciplinary exchange is vital,” he stated, becauseé today in the pre-christmas è entrusted to the gynaecologists, while the post-christmas is of relevance to radiologists”. And also in the field of equipment, in Italy, you are making steps forward.

“Today we are able to do exams to sophisticated 3D and 4D – added and Labor – and compared to the ’90s, when we started, there is an abyss”. And on any differences in the equipment, between the North and the South of Italy, the president-elect of the Sirm is certain: “there is no gap in the equipment – has finished – if anything, in the culture of the subject which we have to make più homogeneous”. 

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the Page was published on February 15, 2008