> 50 thousand deaths from cancer per year, prevent you can;


Of the 150,000 people who die each year of cancer in our Country, more than 75,000 could be saved “if they tried to be the protagonists of their own health,” stresses the president of Lilt, that has shown data, Fridayì at Rome, on the occasion of the presentation of the national Week for cancer prevention, in a press conference at Palazzo Chigi.

Every day in our Country get cancer, more than 700 people, for a total of 270,000 new cases per year.

The rate of guaribilità è 54 percent, “but could reach 80 percent – stresses Schittulli – if each of us began to adopt healthy lifestyles and undergo regular periodicità to appropriate checks and controls in the clinical-instrumental”. But there are many italians who forget to do it.

“Four white deaths per day is unacceptable,” thunders Schittulli referring to the fatal accidents on the job – but equally shameful are 205 deaths per day that we could do.”

For now, the people who have a ‘lived in’ cancer to the shoulder are a million and 800 thousand – a number superior to the inhabitants of the cityà Milan – 900 thousand those that you are subjecting to the treatment to combat it and 180 thousand of those in a terminal phase.

In the last five years which has again, with the Lilt – to 23 percent of the male population has been diagnosed with cancer and 9 percent of the patients did not have it made to survive.

Lower, albeit slightly, the percentage relative to the female population: 21 per cent with a rate of mortality,à of 7.5 percent.

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cancer of The breast records the più high percentage of guaribilità (87 per cent), followed by lymphomas (85%), cervical cancer and melanoma (84%), colon cancer (59 percent), rectum (56%), ovary (26 per cent) and lung cancer (21 percent). Fundamental in the history of a tumour, is the diagnosis: più è early-and the greater the chanceà to escape.

For this, according to Schittulli, “our national health Service should be rethought, says the president of Lilt – we Should have clinics where subject citizens to the diagnosis in each district, leaving to the hospitals the only task of dealing with and also involving the ‘private’ in this important challenge, becauseé the public is losing undeniably the ground. Just così could save lives and reduce waiting lists. If we fail to organize ourselves for 70 years we will be at the same point.”

Every day, therefore, a virtual plane of line continuerà crashing to the ground, burning the lives of 205 people: “Those who – again, Schittulli – have lost sight of the prevention, that is, you are not subjected to the diagnostic tests provided and not following the rules of a healthy life style. We do not più allow – concludes categorical Schittulli – it’s time to run for cover”.

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Page published march 16, 2008