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For this, reveals a study of the National Institutes of Health, the united states, which has appeared on the pages of the journal Nature Chemical Biology, in the winter, the flu hits, and summer hastens to retire.

scholars in the Usa, led by Joshua Zimmerberg, have discovered that the flu virus protects itself with a ‘coat’ of fat which melts at the high temperatures of summer. Winter, on the contrary, the cold becomes a valuable ally sinceé maintains a solid coat that protects the virus. “As the M&M’s” chocolate candies are produced of Mars, “melt in your mouth – explains the Zimmerberg doing just this example – the hanging of virus protection it melts only when it enters the respiratory tract,” leaving here, the virus is stripped of his ‘jacket-saving’, but protected by the warmth of the physiological of the nose, and ready, therefore, to trigger the infection.

during the summer, however, the mantle melts even before the virus ‘attacks’ the unlucky victim. Thanks to sophisticated techniques, the virologists of the Usa have dug out and identified the layer of fat that covers the influenza virus when this ‘traveling’ outside, ready to strike.

this Is a layer of semi-solid and gelatinous, which remains intact below a certain temperature. But if the climate heats up, the mantle has a short life: the fat melts and the virus remains discovered. To the effect that" the influence of affect is, instead, necessary that the layer of fat is less only once in the nose, where the temperature is high.

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in the nasal tract, in fact, that the virus needs to exit, i.e. to leave the curtain of protection to give life to the infection. This discovery – say the researchers – is intended to open the way to new possibilitiesà to combat the virus and to better control the influenza seasons.

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Page published on 04 march 2008