> Drugs, and to understand the effect of the information

A road to travel and that is at the center of experimental projects to the study of the Italian Agency of the drug, reports Anthony Addis, manager of the Office information on the drugs of the Aifa. The agency itself, through a variety of tools gives operators the industry is also information on medicinal products.”We have learned from past experience, ” explains Addis – that it is not enough to inform the doctors.

we Must also consider the impact of this information. And we have also learned that it is not enough to collect data on the prescription, it is necessary to assess in time how it is made. And these two elements can go together.

it is possible, then, to simultaneously evaluate which type of information transfer to professionals and how this information as it is acquired, change the habits prescriptive.

This form of monitoring può be made on a theme as that of the medicinal equivalent, or for therapeutic categories. And is an operation feasible, through the Agency, which has a sector dedicated to information on medicines”. Several projects under study to realize a continuous monitoring.

But the experience of the più advanced, suggests the expert, is that of the project Ecce: the training program of the health ministry to health care workers, who, for the modeà on which it is based, it allows not only to assess the clinical experience, but also to determine the effect of the type of training offered, through different indicators, including prescription.

In the project Ecce, in fact, are expected randomized in the blinded assess the effect of traditional training (with paper texts) compared to those built using the program distance Ecce.

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Page published on 19 march 2008