> 12% of the shelters is the fault of the intestine

Food ‘croce e delizia’ of the italians. Diseases of the digestive tract are the first cause of hospital admissions in Italy. And’ what we read in a Report on the health status of the Country relating to the years 2005-2006, sent in recent days to the chairmen of the house and Senate by the minister of Health, Livia Turco.

“Even considering that in recent years, è witnessed major progress in the diagnostic and therapeutic methodology – the report states – in the year 2003 diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and epatobiliopancreatiche have represented the first cause of hospitalization in Italy: they were, in fact, 1 million 557.136 those of ordinary inpatient and day hospital, that is the 12,16% of admissions national.

While enjoying a distribution is not homogeneous on the national territory, the emergence of endoscopic techniques and ultrasound – says the ministry – has allowed an increasing number of patients receive surgical treatments are increasingly less invasive, therefore reducing the hospitalization of the sick”.

“on the one hand, and then concludes, – there is a gradual reduction in the costs of the sanità the public, and on the other it reduces, in addition to the economic costs to families, even psychological stress related to hospitalization of the ill family member.

Also, the Unità operating of Gastroenterology Services and Endoscopy are strongly involved in the screening of the neoplastic disease,and therefore represent a strategic resource in the fight against cancer, tout court, from the time that the colorectal cancer, since 1990, represents the second cancer for incidence among men and among women”.

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Page published on 30 march 2008