> 50% of the infartuati not following therapies

the main result of an Italian study in the course, which will beà presented in September during the european Congress of cardiology.

To anticipate some of the results, on the sidelines of the Congress of the American College of Cardiology in Chicago, is the cardiologist Raffaele Bugiardini, of the Università di Bologna.

“The research – explains the expert – has been conducted on 5,000 patients for one year, and the first data speak to us of a very low adherence to therapies: a two-abandon the care, and are exposed to a great risk to their own health.

The reasons for this alarming phenomenon – stresses Bugiardini – are varied, but even the doctor has his share of the responsibilityà: sometimes, for example, cardiologists are reluctant to prescribe medication in less severe cases, bringing the patient to limit the therapies.”

But to ‘discourage’ the sick is often also the complexityà of the care, their numerosità, with a handful of pills to take at different times each day, or side effects that these can cause, such as, for example, the cough in the case of beta-blockers.

Page published on march 31, 2008

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