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To warn the Italian, as the european and north american, is Gabriel Hortobagyi, a true ‘guru’ of the fight against breast cancer.

The expert, in Rome for a meeting on the topic, is the director of the department of Brest, Medical Oncology, and the Brest Cancer Research Program of the università of Texas, as well as president-elect of the Asco (American Society of Clinical Oncology), the companyà of the scientific of medical oncologists in the Usa.

“The problem – reveals Hortobagyi – news is that some risk factors can be avoided, others not. Starting from the fact that in the West there are few children and very late. While having pregnancies by young people is a protective factor. But – says the expert – maybe we can change the habits of the company; or frustrating the career ambitions of women?”.

Same for the power: “Eat better and rich has averted many diseases from malnutrition but,” continues the ‘guru’ – has also increased the chanceà to become ill with other diseases.

Including cancer of the breast, for example, has an obvious link with obesityà for over 50 years”. Similarly, “the alcohol leads to a 30% increase of onset of cancer in the breast if you consume one or two glasses per day. While in other cultures women do not drink at all or very little because of their social position. A situation unacceptable to us”.

You may continue Hortobagyi, keep in the right account “the results of many studies that underline how from the activity; physical activity in young età produces a significant lowering of the level of estrogen in girls and adolescents. A condition that is reflected in the time in a lower incidence of breast cancer. But – he insisted the oncologist – not certainly, we can wish for our daughters or sisters of a future one-way, dancers or athletes. Only promote the activityà physics as a habit, to greet.”

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A tip that the bride also Paolo Marchetti, a professor of medical oncology at Sant’andrea hospital of Rome, was present at the meeting with the journalists.

“from The activity; physical – says the expert Italian – is so good that in our hospital we have started to support the women treated for breast cancer, a personal trainer, and subscriptions to sports facilities to teach patients good habits. On the basis of the results of a 2006 study, according to which if you do activitiesà physics survives of the più chemotherapy”.

And the role genes have in the genesis of breast cancer? “Definitely – resumes Hortobagyi – the Dna ‘western’ contains mutations that expose most to the disease. But in this field, ” she admits, we still know very little.” Finally, the chapter on hormone replacement therapy.

“it’s a fact,” concludes one of the world’s leading experts on the subject of hormones to alleviate the effects of menopause if taken for years, as è occurred in the Usa and in Europe, produce an increase of the probability; ill”.

“the results of The study, says the dr. Paul Root, of the National Cancer Institute, which co-ordinates a unità research at the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM) – suggest that in the future, by associating the test for detection of mutations in the genes BRCA with the analysis of the genes ‘modifiers’, sarà can get estimates always più accurate cancer risk in individuals with a hereditary predisposition. Thereò willà to define a più the ‘custom’ measures for risk reduction by adopting a case-by-case, allowing in this way to improve the efficiency of surveillance programs and prevention”.

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