> Urinary tract infections for the 10% of europeans admitted to hospital

the Word of the experts who took part in yesterday at the presentation of the 23rd Congress of the european Association of urology (Eau), ongoing until Saturday in Milan. The numbers are worrisome, and sources of large costs to the health care facilities all over the Old Continent and not only.

But to contain the problem enough simple measures. First of all, draw a ‘map’ of the microbes more frequent in each of the department of urology. A measure that is capable of halving the prevalence of different infections, urinary nosocomial (Nauti).

“The study on pan-european dissemination of Nauti è started in 2003,” explains Truls Erik Bjerklund Johansen, chairman of the Companyà european for infections in urology (Esiu), section of the Uae – Then è was also extended to the pan-eurasian, and supplemented with surveys conducted in America.”

The data presented by the expert are the result of the screening of the 6.033 patients hospitalized in the 194 hospital departments of urology, and demonstrate precisely that, “the spread of the Nauti is equal to 10% in research, pan-european, is of 14% in the pan-eurasian and 11% in the combined analysis”.


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Page published on march 26, 2008

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