> Aifa, no deaths from Heparin in Europe

In any case, the problem of the use and monitoring of adverse reactions from heparin is subject to verification and joint analysis by the Italian drug Agency (Aifa), of the european agencies and of the Agency of medicinal products for the european (Emea)”.

this is stated in the Aifa in a note, after the news disseminated by the Food and Drug Administration and published by the New York Times, on serious adverse reactions and death following the use of herbal medicinal products heparin containing the contaminant is chondroitin sulfate supersolfatato.

The Aifa also remember that “heparin is a medicine, life-saving used for decades primarily for the prevention and treatment of thrombosis which put at risk the patient’s life and is produced by extraction from the intestinal mucosa of the pig”.

And covers the ‘stages’ of the story: “the first days of march is received by the Aifa a notification to the rapid alert from Germany, on some of the lots at the base of the heparin that had caused 80 cases of adverse reactions.

according to the checks carried out by the Italian Agency and with the certifications provided by companies is a result that none of the specialtyà the medicinal product marketed in Italy, came from the lots the subject of the rapid alert German.

On the basis of the verification carried out by the Office of pharmacovigilance of Aifa on adverse reactions reported through the national Network of pharmacovigilance, not è showed an increase of reports related to the use of medicinal products containing heparin”.

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Page published on April 23, 2008