> In Bologna, the first transplantation of the shoulder

The receiver is a man of 47 years old, suffering from severe osteoarthritis, post-traumatic shoulder. The joint has been taken from a donor of 38 years and treated to the procedures of the preliminary examination from the tissue Bank of musculoskeletal Rizzoli, directed by Pier Maria Fornasari. The intervention has not had any complications.

The post-operative course is so far normal, and the patient is still admitted to the Rizzoli, will comeà discharged in the next 24 hours. In two-three months will resumeà the full functionalityà of the shoulder.

This technique of restorative organic “is an innovative choice compared to the common artificial joint replacement,” explains a note of the Institute Rizzoli – and può be an alternative surgical able to ensure a satisfactory recovery of the activitiesà everyday and sports-even in young and active patients”.

The method implemented to Rizzoli for the first time in the world, has the advantage of using biological tissue instead of a mechanical prosthesis.

The transplantation of the shoulder is indicated for people under 50 years of age with shoulder joint damaged, due to osteoarthritis primary or secondary to other problems such as trauma.

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Page published on April 23, 2008

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