> Change così the occupational disease

“The overriding goal,” explains a joint note of the two departments – is to update the tables according to the progress of scientific knowledge, and to make the update consistent with the evolution of the national and european legal framework”.

The main novità in the new tables is represented “by the introduction of the indication of nosological diseases related to causal agents, with the precise indication of the number of international coding ICD-10. This innovation – emphasize the ministries concerned – allows for greater guarantees to all the parties in the case, thereby reducing cases of litigation.

Also, as a further element of guarantee – adds the note – has been introduced a voice open of the disease (other diseases caused by occupational exposure with ICD-10 to specify for the condition you wish to complain), that allows to recognize diseases that, otherwise described in the formulation of diagnostic, are nosologicamente referable to the same causal agent”.

Another innovative element is constituted by an indication of the various diseases with the introduction of a diversification of the maximum period of indennizzabilità from the cessation of production.

Previously, there was a unique period even in the face of diseases with clinical latency are very different. Finally – concludes the communiqué – it is preserved the structure of previous tables for easeà of the consultation”.

Page published on 01 April 2008

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