> Home to a natural birth in the garden of the Grassi hospital in Ostia

Perché a ‘House of the Natural Childbirth’ in Rome? To give to the women of Rome the opportunityà to give birth to their child in an environment with the convenienceà and the intimacyà of their home and at the same time offer them the certainty of a timely intervention if the need arises.

The Home Birth can be a meeting place for pregnant women where it can be followed with competence and respect by a team of experienced midwives, where you can live the experience of birth into the fullness and safety in the company of a person of their confidence.

The respect for the intimacyà and time? every woman characteristic of the home care offered by midwives, also ensures the best outcomes in terms of the health of the mature woman-child.

in Fact, the low level of medicalization of labor and delivery characteristic of the care provided by midwives helps to keep down not only the appeal to the interventions, but also the needà to make use of it.

The close proximity to the Hospital, this House of Natural Childbirth, however, makes the possibilityà of the intervention, if it really were necessary, timely, and then più effective.

While in the industrialized countries often the “medicalization” of childbirth reaches, as in Italy, unacceptable levels of appeal to the caesarean section (life-saving in 15% of cases, but currently to 50% in our country), in world states from time, another reality, the return to natural childbirth, even with all of the securities guaranteed by the present development.

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The natural childbirth, assisted by a midwife, without any drugs né projects, and is the arrival point of a natural pregnancy. In Italy currently there are dedicated rooms, a department reserved to Florence, but this is the only house designed exclusively for natural childbirth.

All the natural mechanisms that allow for the birth of the child with the minimum effort, are favored by a serene environment, confidential setting, in which the woman può to feel at ease much to live this event as a moment of joy, physical and psychological.

The presence of the bath allows the natural treatment of pain, as is recommended by the WHO.

women can, in our structure, finally, choose to make the birth with the epidural-free, in the delivery room is traditional, with the anesthesiologist, and go, after a journey with the midwives lasted 9 months, in the house of birth, where and to freely choose the position for travagliare and to give birth to, making use of their skills and natural.

women know how to give birth, and the house will be the place that welcomes their capacity of bringing children into the world.

Guide to pregnancy

by the Association of the Life of the Woman

Page published on April 21, 2008