> In New York the store of the genetic risk

The shop of Navigenics, a company in california, ” reads the New York Times – has recently opened in Soho, and not è certainly not gone unnoticed. After paying the $ 2,500 (1.777 euro), the customer receives a kit, which includes a container to fill with saliva and send immediately to a lab.

it is from the analysis of Dna extracted from the saliva that is the measure of the risk of each one to be affected by a particular disease. The results arrive in a matter of a few weeks: just log in on the website of Navigenics to read a detailed report on the probability; of developing one of the 18 diseases that could be prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

The company is authorized to sell its product to the citizens of any U.s. State, except precisely that of New York, says Amy DuRoss, one of the managers of Navigenics. New yorkers, therefore, will have to get on a waiting list finché non arriverà the green light of the authoritiesà the local health. The industry in california is the latest addition in the business of genetic tests at the flow rate, più or less, of all.

in Addition to the amount to be paid immediately to have its own risk map, customers can get, for $ 250 per year, up to date information on the latest discoveries of science on the main diseases, including, of course, the one to which you è results of the più vulnerable.

The risks of this market of genetic testing are many, stress the experts. Not the least dreaded by a young man of Seattle, looking in surprise at the window of the Soho store, and – tells the New York Times observes: “Così not we change to always più in a nation of hypochondriacs?”.

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the Page was published on 14 April 2008