> Increase in syphilis and chlamydia among adolescents

Are adolescents the first to fall into the net of diseases such as chlamydia, an increase of 2 percent or the syphilis that hits back after years of silence, recorded by a slow but relentless resurgence of the phenomenon.

The victims ideals? Are the ‘bad guy’ to the Italian: the guys in the continuous search of the adventure of a night, heedless of the risk, and the ‘enemies’ of the condom, but hopelessly fascinated by the world of a “buzz”.

Sex and drugs, a combination that multiplies the risks. “The use of drugs does not aggravate the disease, by interfering with the action of drugs”, he warns, Mario Aricò, president of Sidemast (Società italiana di dermatology, medical, surgical, aesthetic and sexually transmitted diseases (stds), società scientific along with the Adoi (the Association of dermatologists of Italian hospital) organises in Naples, from the 28th to the 31st of may, the fourth national Congress of the unified of dermatology and venereology. The phenomenon is even more serious when referring to syphilis.

“In this case, the drug creates problems depotenziando the effect of penicillin”. With the health consequences, also related to the fact that the body has more difficultyà to dispose of the drugs.

experts of the Sidemast have observed a return of this neglected disease. The syphilis, which seemed to have extinguished thanks to the discovery of penicillin, is now a pathology. Especially among young people.

Currently in Italy, explains Aricò, there are 1200 new cases. “After the surge recorded in 2001 and in 2002 – remember the dermatologist – c’è been a slowdown. But syphilis continues to run and even this year, the patients are increased by 5 percent.”

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that worry experts are especially the girls pregnant, which represent 10 percent of patients. A situation still considered to be più at risk, since the mothers can transmit the infection to her unborn child through the placenta.

“In cases such as these continues, Aricò – è important to understand when a young man, he contracted the disease to treat it promptly with adequate therapy. If the woman is ill during the first or second month of pregnancy, the risk of contagion is very high.

a Need for action to the più soon to prevent diseases important to the child: congenital syphilis has forms extremely serious. If you do not recognize can; lead to abortion or cause significant malformations in the fetus”. In the viewfinder of the disease end especially the young perché, explains the expert, have lowered the guard.

“Not c’è più attention to the alarm bells. Often the physical signs are ignored, and in our department, in the dermatological clinic of the università di Palermo – reports Aricò – they always più patients with syphilis in the secondary stage”. The diagnosis you come up with about 6-8 months of delay. The same is true with nongonococcal urethritis from chlamydia. Infections always più popular in the range of età between 15 and 24 years old.

The increase that has been recorded this year is of about 2 percent. “These are pathologies that can give you serious problems especially to the woman – warns – perché undertake all of the genital organ. A pelvic infection disseminated in immunocompromised individuals può also be transformed into septicaemia”.

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The dermatologists have also problems to understand how many adolescents were affected by the disease: “The numbers that we collect in the hospitals are not credible, observes Aricò – also becauseé c’è a bag of cases, the submersible is not indifferent.

kids Often prefer to stay in anonymity and are turning to their friends, rather than resort to the help of a doctor.”

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Page published on 20 may 2008