> Mondayì world day for hepatitis

more Than 200 associations of patients in the world, coordinated by the World Hepatitis Alliance, are launching a campaign of global awareness by focusing on the slogan ‘Am I number 12?’ to raise awareness of an almost unknown: in the world, one person out of 12 has hepatitis B or C, but most don’t know it yet.

The campaign è già was launched in 55 countries, from Sydney to Serbia, from Beijing to Buenos Aires. “Unlike other diseases, the awareness and knowledge about hepatitis B and C remains inexplicably low,” explains Charles Gore, president of the World Hepatitis Alliance – information and prevention are the only tools at our disposal to reduce the enormous and largely preventable rate of mortality,à.

viral hepatitis, chronic non può più to be ignored because" each year it causes the death of 1.5 million people, we wish to insist that" hepatitis B and C are inserted in the agenda of the priorityà of the sanità global and, as is; già in the case of the Hiv/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria, and become part of the millennium goals of the world Organization of the sanità”.

The World Hepatitis Alliance is asking all to register for the site www.sonoioilnumero12.org to show solidarityà in the campaign, but also to receive valuable information about the disease.

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Hepatitis A, B, and C. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

Page published on may 15, 2008

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