> Abortion and adolescents: what are the strategies for countering it?

A comforting, which forò, if analyzed, reveals a situation that is not uniform

in Fact, to use less allvoluntary termination of pregnancy are the Italian adult, while among minors, recording a tendential increase (calculated on the basis of the requests to the judge: 1360 in 2006 against 1214 of 1999).

The young are then, together with the foreign women of all agesà, the più fragile, those that are less informed and have the più in troubleà access to the services. How do you help them’

If it is discussed in Rome, at the conference ‘Policies for a contrast to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in women at risk’ on 9 June, promoted by the Companyà of the Italian Gynecology and Obstetrics (SIGO) and by gynecologists hospitals (AOGOI).

According to the data of the survey of 616 physicians enrolled in the SIGO and SIMG, the Companyà Italiana di Medicina generale, the use of consultants is still low, you need only 36.9 percent of the population, especially in the South and in the islands. the

This may also be dependent on their scarcity; and by shortcomings in the organisation (hours or days restricted): you do not è never been reached the ideal ratio between population and consultors, as determined by the establishing law of consultors, that is, one for every 20,000 inhabitants.

We are still at 0.7 and with a large disparityà between the regions. Also, are the più used for the certifications from the city foreign (51,3 users), that from the Italian. However, Antonio good feet, a gynaecologist of the civil hospital of Canosa, proposes that ‘to pass a proposal for a active to young people. We can’t wait to be in counselling, we must go to them.

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information on the contraception and prevention must be offered in the evening, maybe in front of the discotheques’, urges Belpiede. One of those gynecologists that on the emergency contraception has made a campaign specific, but only ‘becauseé is the first step to bring young people and try to talk to him’.

And just to the young males, in addition to young people, it addresses the Alessandra Graziottin, director, center of Gynaecology and Sexology medical hospital San Raffaele Resnati, Milan, In its report emphasises the indispensable requirement of the ‘corresponsabilità’.

‘The males are always using less condoms, as evidenced by the sales trend from 1997 to 2005. Ec confirms the growth of infection from clamydia across Europe, from 6 to 10 times in the last 10 years. The range of età più exposed è that of the girls between 15 and 24 years of age.

A pattern in più to make a fresh start with awareness campaigns, male, ceased to exist after the alarm on Hiv/Aids, è then the prevention of infertilità. the

But it is not enough, parents also must do their part.’ Only 40% of the mothers speak with their daughters sessualità (The relationships between mothers and daughters in Italy. Gilmore, il Pensiero Scientifico Editore, Rome, 2007. www.alessandragraziottin.it), ‘Enough with the mothers who want to make friends. Committed to communicate only to give advice on what to write in sms to your boyfriends, or what lipstick to buy’ replies Raffaella Michieli, the National Secretary of the Società Italiana di medicina generale.

All agree that the doctors of the SIGO and of the AOGOI in the start from the parents, becauseé the institutions, school, or consultants that are, are not enough And è così Alessandra Graziottin exposes two strategies in the use of the già in some european countries: ‘communication between equals, between peers, some of whom have been trained before.

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would like to compare some information days, in the last classes of secondary schools.

The involvement of the parents, for minors. Is essential to give him a role. just in the moment when you have their materials for approval. An important opportunity to empower and educate them at the same time, helping them to open their eyes to the children’.

Thereò that hits of the più recent international studies è, in fact, continues Graziottin, it is precisely the underestimation of the parents of the risk behaviour of their children, especially of juveniles, with reference to the use of alcohol and drugs.’ 


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