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this is the new frontier for anti-cancer therapies custom, on which he has placed the emphasis Luca Gianni, director of the Centre for medical oncology of the national cancer Institute of Milan, at the congress of the Società american of clinical oncology (Asco) in Chicago.

In the United States there are two approved test, that forò we do not in Italy where they are not reimbursed by the national health Service.

by Analyzing the tissue taken during the surgery, it is possible to predict the risk of metastasis or a new cancer, saving patients the chemotherapy when it is not needed becauseé the probability; of riammalarsi are low, less than 5%.

“Oncotype” – explains Gianni – analyzes 21 genes, and is now prescribed in the Usa to 25 thousand patients a year with breast cancer Her2-positive, to quantify the risk of recurrence within 10 years and identify cases who do not need chemo, becauseé è sufficient to hormone therapy.

The tissue is examined in a specialized laboratory in San Francisco, where they are sent after the surgery to remove the tumor”.

The other test, called “Mammaprint” and developed in Europe, “characterizes the expression of 70 genes, also in this case to measure the risk of reoffending”.

If in the States, after the go-ahead by the Food and Drug Administration, they are always più popular in clinical practice, with the costs covered by health insurance, “either test,” says the oncologist -have not been approved by the authoritiesà european. Therefore, our health care system, not them refunds”.

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The samples of tumor tissue can be sent to laboratories Overseas for analysis, but the costs are load of patients, about 2,500-3,000 dollars for the test.

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