> Important the drugs in the suitcase

While there are a few differences between he and she: in checked the male drugs glide is in fact the sixth place among the priorities; while the feminine rise in the fourth position, preceded, of course, from clothes, shoes, and underwear.

A peek into the mind of the vacationers in the Country is the survey ‘italians and tourists do not by chance’, conducted by the research institute Demoskopea ad hoc for the campaign ‘medicine 2008’, which was launched yesterday in Milan.

project maintained by Walter Pasini, director of the collaborating Centre Oms for the medical tourism of Rimini, and is promoted with the contribution of education to Roche, in view of the Beijing Olympics on the calendar from 8 to 24 August.

The research is based on interviews online on 500 Italian 18 to 65 years old, selected from among the fellow citizens that in the last year have moved at least once for professional or personal reasons.

From the survey it emerges the profile of a tourist always più sensitive to possible threats to health of trips from home.

Even if the italians remain in the soul traveler ‘diy’, with 55 per cent decide alone, based on his own personal experiences, which medication to take with sé; only 30 percent of the sample compare with your doctor before departure, and just 15 percent is asking for help at the pharmacist.

the Page published June 05, 2008

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