> Housewives and students, the più often by the doctor

The research, very più wide perché investigates the relationship of trust between the patient and the white coat and on the opinions of both by the way of new organized forms of assistance, will comeà presented in the autumn. But the first partial results offer già a glimpse of the habits of the italians.

A knock with greater frequency at the doors of the surgery are therefore the home: 9.2 percent don’t let go never più than a month, and as punctual as a clock is found behind the door of a doctor or più times. Are second only to pensioners (11.6 per cent) and for reasons related to età contact più asked the doctor.

The same frequency of visits is able to keep it up, surprise, also a good number of students: maybe becauseé are less busy, have more time to devote to the care of health.

And despite the young ageà, l’8.4 percent makes a detour to the doctor one or more times per month. Mai più adolescents svagati and a little absent-minded, today it seems a generation of medicalized.

Più adult: between entrepreneurs only 2.3 percent knocks with regularityà at the doors of the doctor. Così 3.8 percent of the professionals, or 3.4 percent of self-employed, the 3 percent of employees and only 2.8 percent of the executives, perhaps taken from a thousand other commitments.

Certainly not hypochondriacs. Workers, instead, they regularly deal with ailments typical of job burnout. Result: the 6.9 percent draw on the bed of the family doctor one or more times per month.

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Page published on July 21, 2008