> Even the health is affected by the precarious

In spite of the triumph of flexibilityà, in fact, it seems that to be able to rely on the notorious hard place to be a kind of ‘elixir’ for the health of the workers, at least according to a report by the world Organization of the sanità on the determinants of health.

According to the study, directed by Carles Muntaner the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health canadian centre collaborator Who is affiliated to the Università Toronto, working conditions have a profound impact on the health of a person.

researchers have established that the mental health is threatened, in particular, the precarious employment, such as fixed-term contracts, but also from part-time work, with low wages and without benefits. the

When these employees are confronted with colleagues who work full time and enjoy the much coveted benefit, the differences jump to the eyes.

The first, in fact, experiencing “significant adverse effects”, which affect both physical health as mental. Scientists have also discovered that stress at work is associated with a 50% increase in the risk of coronary artery disease, and heart disease.

Not only. There are “strong evidence” supporting the fact that jobs characterized by high demands, little control and in which the commitment does not correspond to an adequate compensation represent risk factors for physical or mental conditions: depression, disorders, anxiety, drug use

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Page published on 16 September 2008

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