> The cost of diabetes

in Short, this is a problem that affects about 4.1% of the population, which in 92.1% of cases suffer from type 2: a form that usually appears in adults, is linked to overweight and obesityà. These are the numbers distributed yesterday by the specialists gathered in Rome for the Easd 2008, the meeting of the european Association for the study of diabetes.

Calculator to hand, the diabetes specialists estimate that each patient cost to the national health Service, something as an altitude of 2,589 euros per year: 827 for medicines, 1.274 for admissions due to complications of the 488 for the specialist services and diagnostic.

“A person with diabetes accounts for 54% of resources in più than a non-diabetic – state specialists – especially for illnesses and co-occurring disorders, and the incidence of complications”. Moreover, one-third of type 2 diabetics is obese, less than 20% of normal weight and over one-quarter smoke.

And the situation, unfortunately, is not; intended to improve: in twenty years, providing to experts, sarà diabetic almost one Italian out of ten.

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Page published September 08, 2008

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