> The weight should be lost gradually

The prediction comes from the Giuseppe Fairy, president of the Italian Association of dietetics and clinical nutrition (Adi), which has built its experience in the nutrition Center, clinical Hospital of Terni. the

“About 100 people obese or severely overweight that are for a control or a cure, 30 are affected by the syndrome, and did not explain why" after a diet return to the to gain weight more than before,” explains Fairy yesterday in Rome, on the occasion of the Obesity Day 2008.

Not surprisingly, this year’s slogan invites you to ‘Not to bounce around from one size to another. Make the center!’. “We chose this message – tells Fairy – perché a lot of people, almost allà, do not know that one of the secrets of well-being is the maintenance of the ideal weight, once reached with a proper diet. If it is allowed to oscillate not only slimming, but you get fat più.

You è seen that the weight fluctuation, interferes with the levels of energy expenditure, both as regards the composition of the body, both for the risk of a cardiovascular pathology. At each oscillation – continues the expert – the lean mass lost is reconstructed only partially, così the weight regained after a diet is qualitatively più rich of fat mass”.

Not only that, when you return to rise on the scale, the fat accumulates on the abdomen. “There is, or worsens, the amount; of abdominal fat that is particularly dangerous for the health”, to warn Fairy.

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Page published on September 30, 2008