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By the end of the year, will be launched in Melbourne, Australia, the clinical tests of the serum on the man: the announcement comes from the international Congress on the celiac disease, organized in Genoa by the Italian celiac Association.

A real hope for the many patients who suffer from this disease: in Italy alone, more than 75,000 people, but it is estimated that there are over half a million italians who do not know to be gluten-free. Forced to a strict diet, people with celiac disease have to put a ban on pasta, bread, biscuits but also the sauces and all of usò può be contaminated by the flour, as the fry.

The symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss) can hide defects of digestion and intestinal absorption of food and cause therefore serious complications: osteoporosis, thespontaneous abortion, the dreaded intestinal lymphoma.

The vaccine, the healing is revolutionary: it is, in fact, able to reprogram the immune system of celiacs to induce him to tolerate gluten. In patients, the fragments of the gluten is not digested pass into the body through the intestine, which has a permeabilità altered and fails to perform normally its barrier function.

The immune system, explain the specialists gathered in Genoa, he perceives gluten in the bloodstream as a foreign element and, instead ofé to delete it, it triggers a response altered, that is also directed against the body of the same patient.

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Page published on 21st September 2008