> At the start of the feeding of the world

The global breastfeeding challenge is to reach the largest number of babies breastfed at the same time in the same place così as the greater number of children breastfed at the same time in more places at the same time.

The current record for the largest number of children in a place, and was obtained with 3738 children in Manila in 2006 http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/philippines_33982.html) and the current record, reported to più sites è been reached by the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge 2007 with 5374-fed babies in 225 places.

In North America, the unidici October, The Quintessence Foundation recognizeà also in the region (province, territory or state) with più children who participate in a percentage of the birth rate. Becauseé this challenge is breastfeeding produces many benefits are well-documented including better health for the mother and the child.

and Yet, many women fail to achieve their goals of breastfeeding, and nurse the children prematurely, well before as suggested by the guidelines. Around the world, the aggressive marketing of breast-milk substitutes is the main barrier to successful breastfeeding.

più a limit that prevents the mothers to continue to breastfeed is lack of support from the part of the communityà. It is really surprising that in 2008, breast-feeding in public is not is universally recognized as a normal human function. L’breast-feeding is health promotion in action!

This event is svogle as part of the Week of the world’Nursing, born in Canada. In other parts of the world is celebrated at the ‘World Food Day’.

E’ organizzata da Quintessence Foundation in North America ( www.babyfriendly.ca), Children for Breastfeeding Philippines (www.breastfeedingworld.net/) e il gruppo francese le Grand Tétéé. (www.grandetetee.com/) Procida ha risposto all’appello e sarà luogo di raduno, nella sua suggestiva cornice.

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The meeting point is at 09.00 at the port of Procida, to proceed in the company toward the goal of feeding. For information: 333 3187086 or 3392005961 additional Information and the list of the sites registered in the world is found on www.babyfriendly.ca

Info press: Vanessa Hare ‘ This email address is being protected from spambots. Is must enable JavaScript to see it. – 3392005961

Page published on October 08, 2008