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The survey results demonstrate that, while the percentage of mothers who was released from the hospital breast-feeding (approximately 90 percent) is satisfactory in the sixth month only a mother of two continues to breast-feeding, although not exclusively.

In this regard, the world health organization , Unicef, and the Italian paediatricians say that the normal power for the children until the sixth month is the exclusive breastfeeding, therefore, è important to recover that percentage of moms who instead abandons him early.

To this end, by providing the data of the survey presented and all the help that we can offer, we urge the Ministry of labour, health and social policies; the State-Regions Conference to a timely intervention of the responsible Institutions and, above all, to provide for the prompt convocation of the national Committee for multisectoral l’nursing maternal (provided by the national address lines on the promotion of breastfeeding), so thaté are laid out all the possible initiatives (lì where they were still active) in support of breastfeeding.

The investigation of the SIP (made by the Institute ISPO) is, in fact, on the part of the mothers, a strong demand for support (crucial for the continuation up to 6° month of exclusive breastfeeding) to pediatricians, health care workers, associations, and dedicated, therefore, to the Institutions.

Fibroadenoma al seno: cos’è, cause e cure

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Page published on 16 October 2008

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