> HIV dilagante negli USA

Hiv-positive unaware, therefore, that fall literally from the clouds when they discover that the virus is nestled in their body. Estimates, thrill, arrive by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the situation in the united states in 2006. Photographing an increase of 11 percent compared to the previous snapshot taken by the Cdc in 2003, when the cases amounted to 994 thousand.

the increase is linked, on the one hand, a positive increase of awareness: the hiv-positive ‘invisible’ – that is, those who are unaware of having contracted the virus – declined, from 25 percent in 2003 to 21 percent in 2006. Grows, also the number of people living in the più long with the virus thanks to the new medications available. Of course, forò, the numbers say a lot about a Country that has now exceeded one million infected.

“The data show emphasizes, Richard Wolitski, of the Cdc, which continues the impact of the epidemic on the lives of americans. It is crucial not to lower the guard, and continue to warn people about the risks of contracting the virus”. From an analysis of the data shows that women, on this front, if fare far better than men. Three-quarters of the infected, in fact, is male. And also the sexual tastes that make the difference.

Più at risk, as usual, gay and bisexual people, representing 48 percent of the hiv-positive. The incidence of the virus varies significantly, in addition, on the basis of race. The blacks lead the poor ranking of the infection.

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Although only 12 percent of the Us population is of color, they account for 46 percent of hiv infected people. Follow the white (35 percent) and hispanics (18 percent). Thereò means that a black woman is likely 18 times più of a white of contracting the virus, while a black man is six times more in danger of a white. In 2006, about 16 thousand americans have lost their lives due to Aids.

AIDS – HIV Infection and women at risk of più.

the Page was published on October 05 2008