> Hiv: test non sempre adeguati

Currently, control protocols for Hiv generally involve examinations of detection combined with high sensitivityà based on the antibodies and/or antigens to specific, followed by an examination of confirmation is less sensitive but more specific, which is the final stage.

Some of the patients at the terminal stage forò could not produce antibodies against specific antigens of Hiv, and may therefore give rise to indeterminate results or negative to some tests, on the basis of the antigen used: these events are rather rare, and does not mean that these tests should not be used, but still in case of equivocal results, if the patient clearly manifests the signs and symptoms of the infection, it should be practiced in an examination of alternative, as a Western blotting or examination of detection of the viral RNA.

we Must also take into account the fact that, as you progredirà to a screening of the più the universal of Hiv, it is likely that the number of indeterminate results or misunderstandings is going to increase.

(J Med Virol 2008; 80: 1515-22)

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Page published on October 21, 2008

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