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the Word of the experts gathered yesterday in Milan, at a meeting sponsored by Merck Sharp & Dohme to make the point on new and old anti-inflammatory medications and redefine their relationships on a cost-benefit.

doctors estimate that the rheumatic diseases strike in Italy over 5 million people, women in 60% of cases. With a growing trend mainly related to the increase in età average, but conditional, in certain segments of the population and in certain periods of life, from the work carried out. The ‘knee of the laundress’, well-known to grandmothers and aunts, not è, therefore, disappeared. the

it Has only changed name, adapting to the evolution of the companyà and being called in problems rheumatic different and corresponding to the new trades.

at Least some “Non è a secret, for example, that among the bikers on the road is particularly widespread osteoarthritis lumbar”, ensures Giovanni Minisola, head of the Unità operating of Rheumatology of the hospital San Camillo in Rome. Disorders related to the posture “for the truck drivers,” continues the expert, obviously without forgetting “the aches and pains associated with a continuous use of the computer and the mouse”.

But also existential choices, more contemplative, less materialistic hide a threat: among the psalms of the morning, evening vespers, and rosary beads repeated, “there are many sisters who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee,” says Minisola. In general, it continues the specialist of the capitol, “rheumatic diseases of interest, in our Country, nearly a tenth of the population.

And of the 5 million patients, the majority (from 3 million to 4 million) suffers from a pathology of arthritis. Other 350-400 thousand suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, and the remaining share is represented by the patients with serious rheumatic diseases such as spondiloartrite spondylitis, systemic lupus erythematosus and scleroderma, for a total of 150 types diagnostic”. These figures, precise Minisola, “do not include patients with osteoporosis”.

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The disease of fragile bones, which canò superimposed on the pathology of rheumatic, “affects about 4-4 and a half million italians, two-thirds women,” he explains. The spreading ‘epidemic’ of rheumatic diseases and is confirmed by the doctor of general medicine. “On about 21 patients that I visit every day – as reported by Ovidio Brignoli, vice-president of the Società italiana di medicina generale (Simg) – 25%, one out of 4, is you to me for a pain of the nature of osteo-articular non-traumatic”.

The response to these diseases pass from a team-play wise and coordinated: “a triangle between a general practitioner, specialist and patient,” is the final appeal of Minisola. Perché when this cooperation is lacking “suffer the appropriateness of diagnostic and prescriptive, and to finish the financial statements of the sanità”.

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Page published on the 10th October 2008