> Hypertension is widespread and poorly taken care of

About 80 percent, or 10 million citizens, is in therapy with drugs, “but only 30 percent is cared for properly,” the complaint Francesco Fedele, director of the school of specialization in cardiology of the università degli Studi di Roma, Sapienza and president of the Sic (Società italiana di cardiologia), Fridayì at a meeting in Rome on the theme.

If, on the one hand, to incur the error may be the same patient that forgets the treatment or interrupted, tired of the usual tablet (lack of compliance in the technical jargon), sometimes the error può also arrive from the prescribing doctor, “which opts for a medication rather than for two active ingredients in combination”. Only 40 percent of the patients, in fact, manages to hold off the pressure in ‘monotherapy’, i.e. with a single molecule.

“But becauseé the hypertension is a multifactorial pathology – explains, in fact, Faithful – to achieve the therapeutic goal of the physician associate typically the two drugs with different mechanisms of action and complementary, so as to obtain the best result in term of effectiveness and trying to offset any side-effects.” About 60 percent of hypertensive patients, in fact, assumes a combination of two molecules. “The Italian doctor – explains, however, the expert – unlike the colleagues of the other european Countries see the reduced its possibilitiesà of choice becauseé, whilst in the case of the free combination of può prescribe any product, in the case of the fixed ones, the only packages available are basically the ones with diuretics”.

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“epidemiologic Evidence – continues the expert – clinical, and farmacoeconomiche would indicate the needà and the urgent need to make available, from the Nhs, the associations fixed ace-inhibitors sartanici with calcium channel blockers for the treatment of hypertension. It is – continues Faithful – an additional weapon available to the physician and the patient to put out the game the hypertension.

it is clear – states, however, that the choice of the therapy should be then assessed the patient to patient, customizing care according to the characteristics of hypertension”. In the meeting of the capitol, insiders also reminded us of the results of an international study, named ‘Accomplish’, which showed how the combination of a molecule that inhibits the renin angiotensin system and of an active ingredient that blocks the calcium channels to decrease by 20 percent the incidence of cardiovascular events in these patients.

Evidence farmacoeconomiche, moreover, would suggest that this association is fixed, you can reduce the cost of treatment borne by the Nhs. The expense, of the rest, destined to rise dramatically, becauseé the army of the hypertensive counts each day a new ‘enrolled’. “The fault of the bad habits noted of the Faithful – of a high-fat diet, stress, and a lack of willingness to do activitiesà physics”.”Not surprisingly – echoed Luciano Caprino, professor of pharmacology at the università Sapienza and president of the Sifeit (Società italiana for the study of economics and ethics on the drug and the therapeutic interventions) – expenses for anti-hypertension drugs is increasing in all the industrialized Countries. And of course our is no exception.

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Hypertension in pregnancy

the Page was published on October 26, 2008