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Objectives that refer to specialists, are pursued, also through contraception più effective. the Giorgio Vittori, president of Sigo, spoke on the topic of contraception after the words contained in a message that pope Benedict XVI has sent to the conference on ” Humanae vitae: current relevanceà and prophecy of an encyclical, organized jointly by the pontifical institute John Paul II for studies on marriage and the family, and università cattolica del Sacro cuore.

Sigo – says Vittori, represents scientists, engineers, and do not want né può to enter into personal choices to use or not the tools that science provides. Our aimsà è the protection of women, in the first place, and as a result of the pair.

We – he adds – we are obliged to provide comprehensive information and impartial on the possible options: it is then up to each individual, also in consideration of one’s own convictions, to choose how to behave.

Without a doubt, the natural methods, the use of which is recommended to the spouses by the Pope himself remarks Vittori – do not have the same safety and birth control pills of hormonal contraceptives, in an absolute più reliable. But, if well known, may represent a valid alternative for couples aware that they want to comply with the directions of the Church.”


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the Page was published on October 05 2008

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