> Grow cases of the flu

To take a picture of the progress of the virus is Influnet, the surveillance network formed by the medical sentinel anti-influenza, where cases are processed by the Istituto superiore di sanità.

In the forty-seventh week of 2008, from 17 to 23 November, 643 medical sentry have sent the data on the frequency of influenza syndrome among their clients.

the value of The total incidence is equal to 0.56 cases per thousand assisted: this means that in a week, about 33 thousand people have become ill because of the ‘real’ influence, and not of the many ‘virus ‘ cousins’ that are circulating in this period.

A value that is comparable, experts say, to that recorded in previous influenza seasons.

To stand out, forò, the data related to the più small: in the range of età 0-4 years the incidence is equal to 2,07 cases per thousand are cared for, that comes down among the children of the più large (5-14 years), at 0.74, and in the 15-64 years to 0.46.

Still not very frequent virus among the elderly (over 65 years the incidence is 0.33 cases per thousand patients.

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Page published on November 30, 2008

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