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Partirà by this assumption, an ad hoc project of the local health unit of Ferrara and department of Policies for the health of the Region Emilia-Romagna, that consult involveà 300 doctors of general medicine and 11 thousand patients between diabetic, hypertensive and the frail elderly.

all will comeà delivered a brochure about the movement to perform, as well asé a pedometer for ‘check’ that they run in the right direction. The first results will be presented in June 2009, while those to the final in June 2010, with the figures on the benefits and savings obtained.

“in Addition to the gain of health for the citizens, which is our first goal”, he explained yesterday in Rome, presenting the project Francesco Conconi, director of the Centre for biomedical studies applied to sport of the università di Ferrara, you will be able to get savings for the regional health System estimated to be about 660 euros per patient each year, as suggested by the results of a similar project activated in Perugia, where the 200 patients involved have made a walk of half an hour per day for the period of study.”

Thanks to the sport it provides, therefore, a reduction in the consumption of medicines or other treatments health: american research has shown that, in a group of 179 patients with diabetes, those who walked five kilometres to walk each day spending per capita average for medicinal products decreased to $ 550 (about 430 euros), while that for other benefits of $ 700 (about 545€).

“By the numerous calls made to the consciences of the citizens – said Fosco Foglietta, director general of Ausl Ferrara – we passed a structure to specific routes, as if they were real health benefits.

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And if, in the course of a year, we can show that the condition of the patients improve or remain good, and that will produce savings, the project will becomeà easily replicable in other contexts, with huge benefits for the national health System. We are già started with the training of family physicians involved, and by the end of 2008 we will complete the recruitment of patients to follow.”

The project ‘exercise as medicine’ is supported by Fondazione Carife and by the Cassa di risparmio of Ferrara, as well as by the Association of municipal pharmacies (Assofarm) that will distribute free of charge the whole of Italy the same booklet used for the initiative of emilia in 500 thousand copies.

“Emilia – Romagna has highlighted the regional councillor for health Policies, Giovanni Bissoni – is a sort of ‘laboratory’ for the study of the ageing of the Italian population: in fact, we have a share of the elderly citizens of 23 per cent, that in Italy will comeà reached only in 2015.

This is a theme that, together with innovation, some think can lead to the disruption of health care. But I am opposed to the dramatization, becauseé with a proper service, you can contain costs. Reorganize the general medicine and to integrate it with the territory, by subtracting the hospital care and its centralità, has helped us and will help usà”.

The councillor has finally made it known that “there are other proposals similar to the project presented today (yesterday, ndr): in particular, an idea which is dedicated to heart patients discharged from hospitals, with the programs calibrated activity; the physical, and on behalf of the elderly, against the loss of muscular tone, typical of età”.

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Page published on November 25, 2008