> 73 percent of the Italian feels good

the photograph taken from the statistical Yearbook of the Italian 2008, respectively. In particular, about three out of four people have given a score of between four and five, in a scale that reaches precisely up to five. But the women, and confirm the disadvantage compared to men: to feel good is the 70 percent compared to 76.6 percent of the members of the ‘stronger sex’.

with The increase of the età of course, the trend is decreasing: between 65 and 74 years of age drops to 45 percent, the share of those who feel health, to reach 26.5 percent among the people aged.

An important indicator to evaluate the health status of a population – detects the Istat – is the spread of chronic diseases, especially in a context like the Italian one, characterized by a high rate of aging.

The 39 percent of residents reported being affected by at least one of the main chronic diseases, share, showing a slight increase compared to 2007. But the percentage of people who, despite being affected by at least one chronic disease, and perceive themselves to be in good health &is equal to 47.5 percent.

disorders, more common are the osteoarthritis/arthritis (18 percent), hypertension (16 percent), allergic diseases (10.6%), osteoporosis (7.3 percent), chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma (6.4%) and diabetes (4.8 per cent).

as For what concerns the main causes of death in Italy, the first killer you confirm the cardiovascular disease (419 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants), followed by tumors (291), respiratory diseases (10) and of the violent deaths (44,5 about 100 thousand). Finally, almost 40 percent of the population has made use of medicines within two days from the interview.

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women taking medicinal products known to più of men (44 percent compared to 35,3 percent) and the share of consumers increases with advancing age: after the age of 55 more than halfà of the population, up to reach the 87.5 percent among the ‘over 75’.

Page published on 12 November 2008