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“We are white coats who accumulate 500 hours of più a month, and in practice do not recover ever. We invite our members to report their situations, becauseé è time to stop this practice”.

To say that è been Francesco Medici, vice president of Fvm, yesterday in Rome during a press conference. “The organic plants deficient – explain to Doctors – have become an obvious problem: our opening hours will be 34.5 hours per week, but the lack of personnel forces us to work more; and to see count the hours performed in the più as ‘recovery hours’. But we know that will never be recoverable.

This is a scam to take advantage of the employees, and we therefore propose to our members, both as a compensatory action, which he of health-care companies, notify us of their problems.

get an instance to assert, as a warning and to attempt conciliation. And if the company does not provide for the payment, sarà crafted appeal to the labour court”.

Could be in the form of ‘class action’ instead, but only if sarà allowed the appeal against public bodies by the legislation currently in discussion, the issue of medical residents between 1982 and 1991 who “are still waiting for adequate compensation fixed by the european community directive 76 of 82”, adds Doctors.

Page published on 02 December 2008

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