> Battle of the brothers Alaei

these Are two doctors from iran, for years engaged in their Country in the fight against Hiv and in the prevention of the disease. Their work – according to internet sites, and print – has forò in some way you have stamped with the feet, to the government of Teheran, who would have them for this arrested.

The proposal comes from the Giuseppe Palumbo (PDL), president of the social Affairs Committee of Parliament yesterday, on the world Day for the fight against the disease, has expressed solidarityà the two researchers, raising the appeal launched by Adnkronos Health.

“Do usò that we can for the liberation of the two scientists is dutiful – he explains – and it is a matter that concerns us because, as scientists, these people work for the good of their Country but also for that of the community; international”.

Palumbo, “our solidarityà alone is not enough,” and this is useful an initiative of parliament, in which it can be carried out also through the ministry of Foreign affairs”. He was echoed by the president of the Committee for Hygiene and Sanità of the Senate, Antonio Tomassini (PDL), which has joined the appeal, promoted by the ADNKRONOS HEALTH on the world day against Aids.

“Against Aids, he explained, Tomassini – have been made many steps forward. But this must not make us lower the guard, especially in the Countries of the più of the dispossessed, both from the economic point of view both to the deficit of democracy. Areas of the world where people just want to communicate the truthà are deprived of their libertà”. Tomassini expresses its solidarità researchers are persecuted ensuring “concrete commitment”.

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Page published on 01 December 2008