> Meat, contamination with dioxin very low

it is reported, for Aki-Adnkronos International, Nina Papadoulaki, a spokesman for the commissioner to the health Androulla Vassiliou. “We were informed – said the spokesman – and in 3 samples out of 11 has been found Pcb contamination” (toxic chemicals similar to dioxin).

However, he added, “the levels are much moreù lower than those found in pigs and are just above the threshold of the guard”. For this, he continued Papadoulaki, “the authoritiesà irish ensure that there are no risks to human health”.

On the whole, adds the officer, “the Commission is very satisfied, at least for the moment, from the security measures taken by the authoritiesà the irish”.

However, the Commission has asked for “precautionary” evaluation of the european Agency for food safety, which is scheduled to meet today with the heads of the veterinary offices of the member states.

in the Meantime, reports the spokesperson, Great Britain also took security measures for the 9 pig farms in Northern Ireland affected by the dioxin.

In the republic of ireland have been affected by contamination 10 pig farms, and the contaminated feed has been distributed to 38 cattle, immediately impounded by the authoritiesà health. They are the tests made public yesterday.

Page published on the 10th December 2008

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