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Injections used during delivery, even in patients who undergo surgical interventions such as implantation of prosthesis of the hip or knee. According to the researchers at the Royal United Hospital of Bath (Uk), the risks of these two types of anesthesia so far have been overestimated. The risk of adverse events for the patient is reduced to a case of 23 thousand – calculate the scholars – and it is still lower (one case out of 80 thousand) and the probability; of permanent damage.

The authors have analyzed the complications after 700 thousand injections, pain, spinal and epidural, practiced every year in hospitals in the united kingdom. The team has found and then permanent damage in a number of patients between 14 and 30: a ‘scissors’ wide, they explain, becauseé often the precise cause of the adverse event does not è clear.

In detail, the total of injured patients, from 5 to 13 have remained paralyzed, while the other 6 are dead. But the majority of complications recorded was inevitable – highlight scholars – perché caused by reactions of the individual to the anesthesia.

“The results are reassuring,” says the coordinator of the study, Tim Cook. However, highlighting the needà that the doctors do not have ‘lightly’, but consciously, procedures, così delicate. “It’s a good news – said on the Bbc online Charlie mclaughlan und, of the Royal College of Anaesthetists british – Before now, was not available for some data” on the risks of the anaesthesia, spinal and epidural.

“The patient – the expert believes – probably had the impression that the dangers of these procedures were higher, and this may have deterred. 

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