> Strong association for cholesterol

The result is that patients at high cardiovascular risk may incur in the event severe.

“In these patients, says Gian Franco Gensini, professor of internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Università di Firenze – to keep your cholesterol under control are as needed medicines.

In particular, statins. The results of the studies, DIALOGUE, and LEAD, conducted in Italy on the Italian patients, showed that the fixed combination in a single tablet of ezetimibe/simvastatin is more effective than a double dose of a single simvastatin in the reduction of the values of cholesterol LDL, allowing to reach values ambitiously low in a proportion of about 80% of patients”.

“diabetes,” said Carlo Maria Rotella professor of Endocrinology at the Università di Firenze, past-president of the Società Italiana for the Obesityà, and the Coordinator of the study LEAD – apply the same therapeutic goals that they adopt for anyone who has già had a stroke: 100 mg/dL in the presence of only diabetes, 70 mg/dL if diabetes have other cardiovascular risk factors. In these patients it is shown that the combination ezetimibe/simvastatin è much moreù fast and effective-only doubling of the statin.

Cholesterol: symptoms, causes, medications, diets and lifestyles

the Page was published on February 15, 2009

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