> HIV, every year 4 thousand new infections

And if, in the second halfà of the years ’80 the use of intravenous drugs was related to 70% of the transmissions, today the drug addicts representing less than 10% of the new infected

Hiv is contracted almost exclusively by sexual intercourse and new hiv-positive have an età media più high: 38 years against the 26 years of 1986. To provide the context of the situation è was the Andrea Antinori, director of the clinical Department of the national Institute for infectious diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome, participating in the capital at a press conference on adherence to antiretroviral therapies.

“it Is growing progressively – has told the expert – the proportion of patients who discover their infection at an advanced stage of the disease (over 30%), and it is estimated that of the approximately 120 thousand hiv-infected italians, at least, a quarter is unaware of their status. The emergence of this ‘submerged’ appears today as one of the arguments più relevant in terms of the sanità the public”.

Especially if you think that the improvement of the therapies, with reduced side-effects and the progressive simplification of treatment regimens, allows most patients to lead a normal life and aspire for a qualityà of life acceptable.

“we would have to play down the idea of an Hiv test, he emphasized, Adriano Lazzarin, chief of the Division of infectious diseases, Irccs San Raffaele in Milan – and make it more accessible to all. We are thinking of a project to promote the test using saliva, with experimentation già matches in the capital of lombardy.

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Carry out the examination easily, maybe from your family doctor, getting the result in a few minutes, you can reassure the patient and, if necessary, address it immediately to a specialized center for a consultation”.


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